Losing antibiotics can gain you customers. 

The kind of delicious “better for you” option today’s patrons are looking for.

Diners these days are more curious than ever about their food. They crave not only quality, they like to know where it comes from and exactly what goes into it. At Farm Promise®, we make it possible to give your guests the natural, wholesome food they want, and nothing they don’t. We make No Antibiotics Ever pork accessible and approachable. That’s the Promise of Possibilities™.

Our Values

People everywhere are looking for “better for you” protein options from animals that are treated right and raised on American family farms. And that’s exactly what we deliver: great tasting pork that reflects the values many of your guests – and Farm Promise® – hold dear.

  • No Antibiotics Ever: Really, No Antibiotics EVER. If one of our hogs requires antibiotics due to illness we remove them from the Farm Promise® program.
  • Ethically Raised on Family Farms: Our pork is raised without gestation crates by dedicated American family farmers whose names we know and whose methods we trust.
  • Fed a Vegetarian Diet: Our pigs are fed a balanced 100% vegetarian diet without animal protein or by-products.
  • Raised without Growth Promotants: Our hogs grow naturally based on good feed, good health, and good care.

Consumer Trends Sheet

82% of consumers say reducing antibiotics in food production is important or very important and even more are concerned about farm animal welfare. Find out what else your potential customers are saying.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports 2015 poll



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