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Serve Your Guests Tender, Juicy, All Natural Pork
with Unrivaled Flavor

Hatfield® Premium Reserve Pork® uses authentic, proven culinary techniques known as brining and larding. This preparation gives our pork a rich indulgent flavor by improving the marbling, making it 30% more tender than conventional pork. Our pork cooks up, serves up and stands up to the best cuts of beef. Most importantly, your guests will be delighted by the superior eating experience and want to come back for more.

You can discover Hatfield® Premium Reserve Pork® in 16 different varieties, ranging from primals and whole muscles to specialty pre-portioned cuts. You won’t find better premium pork for the needs of your operation:

  • Taste and craveability to boost traffic
  • High margin and volume potential to help manage food costs
  • Menu versatility – from steakhouse quality center-of-plate pork to salad topping to appetizers

Korean Style Boneless Loin Chop Tacos with Kim Chi Slaw
Korean Style Boneless Loin Chop Tacos with Kim Chi Slaw Get Recipe
Herb Crusted Bone-in Chop with Mushroom Demi-Glace
Herb Crusted Bone-in Chop with Mushroom Demi-Glace Get Recipe

Taste the difference and see why chefs and guests prefer Premium Reserve Pork®




*No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed.
†To learn more about how we ethically raise our pork, visit SimplyHatfield.com
‡Results from Feb. 2018 Warner-Bratzler shear force test

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