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Unlock Your Pork Potential!

Category Management is rising in significance in the foodservice industry, as more businesses look to implement standardized methods of reducing their SKU count.

 We know it’s not easy to get started sometimes, especially within an industry with limited data resource. That’s why we created our unique solution to drive results.

Download the CFG ‘Pork Playbook’



The ‘Pork Playbook’ is a tool that incorporates industry statistics and proprietary data to deliver customized recommendations to our distributor customers, optimizing product portfolios & driving business results.


The difference is that the tool is backed by Clemens Food Group’s dedication to partnership and expertise from hundreds of engagements and evaluations.  We’ll analyze your business to find your biggest opportunities to streamline your vendors, categories, and product SKUs.


When we work together to implement the Pork Playbook you’ll benefit by:

  • Receiving value-added services from CFG beyond transactions
  • Identifying key opportunities to drive additional sales & volume based on your business objectives
  • Identifying gaps in your product portfolio
  • Gaining a better understanding of your competitive landscape
  • Reducing complexity in marketing & training
  • Increasing sales representative effectiveness due to a streamlined portfolio


All of this enables you to make strategic business decisions that are grounded in insights.



The Results

On average, customers who have implemented strategies identified through the ‘Pork Playbook’ process have increased volume YOY over 30,000 pounds*


Customers who have gone through the ‘Pork Playbook’ process have increased their weekly sales volume by 17%*


*Data based on April 2017 Clemens Food Group shipment data

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