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K-12 Schools

Clemens Food Group’s team of foodservice experts can help you keep kids happy and in the lunch line.

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Colleges & Universities

College students seek transparency and genuine, authentic experiences. Serving them means balancing their curiosity with captivating, nutritious food.

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Whether you’re a foodservice management company or a self-op business, managing a hospital’s foodservice offering also means balancing nutrition-sensitive patient feedings, public cafés, and staff eating options.

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Senior Living

With senior living facilities catering to generations that want to hold onto the comforts of home, a little familiarity can mean a lot.

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Sports & Entertainment

A well-fed fan is a happy fan, no matter what’s happening on the field, track, court, or stage. Food and beverage is as much a part of the sports and entertainment experience as the team, player, or fan group.

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Business & Industry

At Clemens Food Group, we’re dedicated to supporting our customers grow their businesses. In the business and industry segment, both self-op and contracted operations face challenges that limit this growth.

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