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At Hatfield® there’s a purpose in everything we do.


As an American, family-owned business with more than 120 years of history, we’ve always believed in doing the right thing, not the new thing.


We’re driven by a conviction that our business isn’t just about quality products, but about our commitment to doing things the right way and accountability to our animals, farmers, community, and you, the customer.


In the Hatfield® Brand Program, we take great care in raising our animals on family farms without the use of hormones, steroids or growth promotants (ractopamine). We administer antibiotics for therapeutic use only, ensuring that the animals in our care are well cared for. In fact, we are committed to moving all conventional flow to 100% gestation crate free by 2022.


We are focused on sustainability for our planet, people, and animals through our health and wellness programs, charitable giving, fair wages, and workforce development. We believe in sustaining American family farms, which is why we have invested in our own family farms and have a tight network of producer partners that supply Clemens Food Group with animals that meet our strict animal welfare standards. We believe we have the best coordinated network of farms, food production and transport to ensure that we meet the highest standards of animal care. We have more than 20 third party audit verifications for animal welfare and food safety that we use to uphold our standards.


Bottom line is when you serve Hatfield® you serve your customers Pork With A Pledge®!



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